Fighting poverty by educating girl children!




  •   +      Our Vision  & Mission

    Our Daughters: Prepared for School today; Prepared for Society tomorrow!

  •   +      Who We Are

    If 500 people donate 100 INR each, we could ensure a girl attends school for another month. This was the burning thought that drove us to start SEED100.


    270 million Indians are in below poverty, we strongly believe that we can make change if we were able to make every girl in our nation to be independent financially.


    We believe as a brother and sister we have responsible to do help them. If each of us pool at least 100 per month, it is realistic dream to see poverty free country in near future. India where each one is able to be independent financially.

  •   +      The Policies We Strictly Stick to




    • 100% of the donation goes for the education of the girl child.
    • Trust administration expenses are taken care by the trustees and well wishers.



Higher College Education



We provide financial assistance and aid for the

child in need.





We provide financial and personal counseling

for child in need.





We as seed100 along with volunteers do

personal counseling for personal problems


Career Guidance


We guide the kids we sponsor and also

upon request meet up with any children who

are in juncture of career choices.


Emergency Aid


When we see dire situation, we step in as seed

100 providing emergency relief aid.

Transforming India begins with just 100/-




 Mariya lost her father after prolonged illness. Her mother passed away 4 month later leaving Mariya an orphan. Mariya was working in a pharmaceutic shop for few months and then in textile shop to manage her daily needs. Sitting at home for one whole year due to financial condition.

  Today Mariya goes to Anna Adarsh college to study economics. Her total education is taken care by SEED100. A family from SEED100 are personally

assigned to Mariya to help/support and be for her when she needs anything. SEED100 believes in providing wholesome care where apart from providing

financially support, we also provide emotional support.



 Nirmala was found working in a groceries store. She lives in one of the slum area in Chennai in a single room house made of asbestos sheet with her family with 6 members.

After completing her class 12 she could not join college due to financial condition of the family. Her father an alcoholic and mother who sells plastic materials in the nearby temple to make a living and providing 2 time meals with her earning. The condition giving no hope whatsoever for Nirmala to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse some day.

 Today, Thanks to our many patron, Nirmala goes to MCC, Chennai to pursue her dream. Her college fees, bus expenses, exam fees and lap uniform and equipment is all provided by SEED100. A mentor from SEED100 is in constant touch with Nirmala to guide and help her with her life and be a support



Bihar Flood

 Bihar was struck with yet another flood. Around 1.75 crore people were affected. Many displaced and more than 500 dead.

 Our friends in Bihar who were involved in groundwork for flood rescue operations informed us about the worst conditions. Schools were shut, hospitals closed, farming gone, livestock gone. Half the people had moved to temporary shelters to different parts of Bihar. Kids hunger and naked are roaming around the streets; shortage of food, clothes and shelter.

 SEED100 has been working with our friends in Bihar to support the rescue operation in a little way we can.



Educate a girl and she will change the world!



Managing trustee




Operation Head






Technical head


Marketing head

"Girls education is the single best investment that any society can make."


  • +      How can I support?

    • You can commit to take care of supporting a girl's educational  needs till she completes her college. It can be donated to us either per Annum or month.
    • You can also send us monthly ₹ 100 minimum to whatever amount you can which will be pooled to support  a Child.
  • +      Is seed100 a registered organization?

      •  Yes, seed100 is a registered organization and it is a registration number is 244/IV/2016
  • +      The Policies We Strictly Stick to




    • 100% of the donation goes for the education of the girl child.
    • Trust administration expenses are taken care by the trustees and well wishers.


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